We Use Deep-Learning-Based AI technologies to fix photos in compliance with image requirements of Google Shopping Ads

Remove watermark
Top Reason of Feeds Disapproval

Image violations

  • logos
  • watermark
  • text

Get product listing go live with high-quality images

Elements Removal
  • Promotional text
  • Watermark
  • Border
  • Descriptive logo
  • Descriptive certifications
Image Inpainting
  • Image restoring
  • Color matching
  • Gap surroundings and boundary smoothing
  • Texture inpainting
Workflow Automation
  • Image process in bulk
  • API integration
  • GMC data feed automation

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Go beyond with our AI image enhancement.

Fast on-boarding of products online
Reduce cost of manual image editing
Grow revenue by scaling up successful campaigns

Work as both standalone API integration and GMC automation workflow

Standalone API integraton
GMC automation workflow

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